Reasonable Risk November 2023 Product Update

Welcome to our fourth Reasonable Risk newsletter to inform you of enhancements coming to your platform soon.

Reasonable Risk Application Updates

The latest and most visible enhancements in production are outlined below. Plus, we still always have minor ongoing updates, in our effort to continually improve your user experience. Beyond these changes, a number of defects were also remediated.

Major New Features

We have KPI charts online – AND new ones!

All of the fantastic charts and graphs that were in the Executive Status and Budget Request decks are now online!

  • Program process over time “area graph” is first on the list (hover over the dotted line part of the graph to see risk totals)
  • The Current Plan vs Baseline Plan – or the so-called “When will we be OK?” graph is next
  • Risk Score by Security Program – this is a new graph online as well as part of the Executive Status and Budget Request decks – which shows the risk levels per Common Security Program. 

Latest Key Changes.

Area of ApplicationDescription of ChangeImpact to User Experience
Risk RegisterMapping of RisksMapping of risks has become a bit more smooth – users can select the risks that are to be mapped – use the three-button menu and follow the prompts. Has a “confirm” window to provide more information during this process. Users can always still map from the project itself.
Task% complete fieldIn order to manage tasks better, there is a “% complete” field that can be edited by users. This is also a new field that is in the task list. % Complete per task also appears on the Execute Status Deck on the project status slides. When users upload or download tasks, this field is also provided.
Remediation ProjectNew Chart in project overviewThere is an update to the charts area of project overview – users will now not only see the risk scores – but also a “before and after” safeguard risk score for the project, broken down by Mission, Objectives, and Obligations.
Various“Add” and some other buttons have been removedTo be able to precisely work with the system, we have removed the buttons at the top of the screen in the Findings, Risk area, Remediation Projects, etc. so that users can use the icons on the tool bar or the detailed “three dot” menu on the tool bar and on the specific risk or finding.
VariousMultiple check boxes – mean users can do multiple things at onceNow, when users have a chance to select multiple items, such as risks or findings, the toolbar action will act on all items selected.
VariousViewsThe views are all consistent where users can choose how many risks, findings, etc. they wish to see on the screen for each “page” (e.g. 25, 50, 100, 250).
Logging InMFA One Time Password on separate screenWhere currently, the username, password, and MFA token is on a single screen – we have moved the MFA token “one time password” to a separate screen.

User Notes and Recommendations (To Do!):

If you would like to take advantage of the task % complete field – start to complete it as you get the latest status from your teams!


Any questions can be directed to your integrator or contact David Andrew at

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