Compliance Week Webinar – Five Deliverables Every Cybersecurity Team Needs to Survive and Thrive

Webcast details: August 15, 2023 – 2 p.m. ET

CPE Credit(s): 1

Speaker: Jim Mirochnik, CEO – HALOCK

According to Gartner, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity-related risk are rated as the top sources of risk for an enterprise. And risk management continues to grow in complexity, requiring more of your resources.

When cyber threats arise, how best do you communicate to executives their impact on the organization? And how do you get additional support to reasonably secure your operations?

In today’s fast-paced business world, firms must adapt to the ever-changing mobile compliance and technology landscape to stay competitive. While many organizations have fully embraced hybrid and work-from-home policies, most have not yet adjusted to the compliance issues a distributed workforce creates.

The information security team has a very difficult job. They have to protect their company by justifying technical investments to business professionals; yet, information security and the C-suite are speaking different languages.

Information security is speaking the language of threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts to technical assets. The C-suite is speaking the language of impacts to customers, business goals, and third-party obligations.

So, how do we solve the problem of speaking different languages? By providing a “universal translator” between information security terminology and the language of the C-suite.

Join our Compliance Week webinar to review tools and templates for the five deliverables to:

  1. Define a “clear line of acceptable risk” below which you accept risks and above which you remediate.
  2. Understand the “total risk” (i.e., your risk FICO score) to your organization.
  3. Communicate risks and justify expenditure requests in business terms.
  4. Provide C-suite a roadmap for your program that reduces risk to an acceptable level (answering the C-suite question of, “Are we where we need to be? If not, when will we get there?”)
  5. Ensure your security program is legally defensible through practicing the duty of care risk analysis (DoCRA).

Learn how you can simplify cybersecurity risk management to be more efficient and effective.

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