Turnkey Cybersecurity Governance

The #1 Automation Platform for Risk Management

Reasonable Risk is the only SaaS GRC platform with Duty of Care Risk Analysis (DoCRA) built in, providing a sensible and defensible cybersecurity position for an organization. 

Single Solution for All Risk Management Needs

Project Management for risk identification, definition, prioritization, and reporting to accomplish “reasonable security” as it’s outlined by the SEC, judges, and other authorities! 

Reasonable Risk solves the following business problems:

Communication with C-Suite

Communicating risks in business terms.

Providing executive-level program status so that the C-Suite can make informed decisions.

Providing C-Suite a roadmap for your program that reduces risk to an acceptable level (answering “are we where we need to be and if not, when will we get there?”)

Approving expenditures or securing the budget you need for your program.

Ensuring your security program is legally defensible and complies with the SEC Cybersecurity Rule (July 26, 2023).

Security Risk Management

Managing your Risk Register in a spreadsheet is difficult and often makes it unusable. (Cannot collaborate, manage up or down, tie a risk to a project, track risk reduction over time, etc.)

Tracking risk score reduction across remediation efforts (connecting risk score management to project management).

Understanding the “overall risk” level to your organization (i.e., your risk GPA or FICO score).

Defining a “clear line of acceptable risk” below which you accept risks and above which you remediate.

Demonstrating your security program is effective

Highlighted Features

Dashboard with Overview of Organization’s Risk Posture

Remediation Projects – Tasks and Updates with Built-in Dependencies

Executive Reporting & Budget Approval

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Reasonable Risk is a SaaS GRC Platform designed to help manage an organization’s cybersecurity risk. The platform enables communication of program progress and budget requirements with executive management so that they can make better cybersecurity risk decisions.
Reasonable Risk

Reasonable Risk and DoCRA

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