About Reasonable Risk

Learn more about how Reasonable Risk began and why.


To help Cybersecurity professionals make better decisions and improve their ability to manage their risk and security environments.


Reasonable Risk is streamlining risk management by enabling professionals to define acceptable level of risk, prioritize risks, and establish a legally defensible position for reasonable security, all while strengthening relationships across the organization – from IT to the C-Suite.

Managing cybersecurity risk and communicating those risks in an effective way to the C-Suite is always a challenge.

Security leaders often speak a different language than executive management, which presents challenges regarding budget approval, defining acceptable and unacceptable levels of risk, and managing cybersecurity projects in an effective manner, with a clear roadmap for defining successful remediation. 

Reasonable Risk founders have combined the power of Project Management tools, the wisdom and methodology of Duty of Care Risk Analysis (DoCRA), and the necessity of cybersecurity risk management in a single tool. 

Security leadership can keep the organizations online presence secure of malicious actors, and easily translate project progress to executives.

Using a quick wizard that maps important data into a ready-made PowerPoint presentation to provide for the C-Suite, it offers meaningful data on the spot, as well as a roadmap to reach future goals. It also makes your cybersecurity program legally defensible if a breach occurred. 

Security leadership and the C-Suite will finally speak the same language, budgets can be more easily justified, and risk management can be presented in terms of actionable projects with progress reports and meaningful data.

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